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Clean And Protect Your Clarksville Concrete Surfaces With Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning

Has your pearly-white concrete become an unsightly eyesore? If so, you need a professional concrete cleaning service from Bobby's Pressure Washing in Clarksville.

If there's one area of a commercial or residential property that can get stained and ugly, it's the concrete entryway area. It's surprising how fast the stains can set into the concrete and how difficult they can be to remove. Along with the blackened, darkened surface, rust stains from the water in an irrigation system can make the stains even worse.

You can depend on our local pressure washing experts for all types of concrete cleaning, as well as other services such as house washing. There's no stain we can't get out, and we are well-equipped to take on all size jobs.

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Sidewalk Cleaning

Dirty sidewalks and walkways can make your home or commercial property look decades older than it is. In addition to blackening the surface, the spread of mildew, moss, and algae can take hold of the concrete and start to break down the structure's strength.

Are your sidewalks rusty looking? In addition to ground-in dirt, the most common stains on sidewalks come from the iron content in the water that is getting sprayed from irrigation systems. The iron causes rust stains over broad areas. While all water supply contains some iron minerals, well water has the most. It can also come from lawn fertilizers.

No matter what type of stains are plaguing your sidewalks, we can remove them during your sidewalk cleaning. We know just what to do to lighten and brighten the surface to restore the curb appeal of your property.

Driveway Cleaning

Some areas of a driveway get worse than others. Particularly where the vehicles park, you'll often see motor oil and grease stains or even rust stains develop from the engine. Once these types of stains get absorbed, they set in deep and seem impossible to remove.

While it's tempting to use harsh chemicals, bleach, or robust scrubbing methods to clean the driveway surface, not every setting or situation is suitable to apply the same concrete cleaning methods or techniques. For instance, removing motor oil stains from a paver driveway takes a more delicate approach.

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It's best to let our professionals deal with the stains. We know which methods to use that will work best for your driveway cleaning based on what type of stains we're removing and the surface material we're cleaning.

Paver Cleaning

Pavers, whether they're interlocking or not, will often get covered in moss or algae. Moss likes to spread in-between the sandy joints while algae and lichen usually cover the shaded surface areas. Add mildew and mold growing in the shadowy areas, and you wind up with ugly blackened pavers that are slippery and slimy.

With paver cleaning services from Bobby's Pressure Washing, you can keep up with the stains, moss, mildew, or algae problem. Our professionals can help you prevent further destruction of the pavers by using a specific method that kills and prevents new growth. Give us a call to learn about our algae-killing soft wash paver cleaning today.

Patio Cleaning

It's hard to enjoy your patio when it's dirty and grimy looking. The area doesn't look inviting, and it could very well be unhealthy to spend time near if mold or mildew is covering the area. If your patio isn't pearly white anymore but has instead become an eyesore, you can ask us about our patio cleaning service.

Our professional technicians can help you make your patio look fresh and inviting again. If you like, we work out a schedule to keep the area looking beautiful throughout the year. Getting a seasonal or bi-yearly service is all you need to keep your concrete, paver, or stone patio area in good condition.

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