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Tips On Deck Sealing And Staining In Clarksville

Deck staining tips

Decks provide a great way to entertain, host barbecues for your Clarksville friends, spend time with family or relax on a lazy afternoon. Once you invest in one, you'll want to protect it by keeping up the regular maintenance of deck sealing and staining.

If done regularly over the years, a wooden deck will stay protected from moisture, sleet, ice, and the daily wear and tear it will go through. Is your deck brand new, or is this the first Clarksville home you've owned with a wooden deck?

If so, our Clarksville pressure washing pros want to give you a few tips on deck sealing and staining. Enjoy the following information you need to learn how to preserve and protect the wood.

How Often To Refinish Your Clarksville Deck

Because we live in a climate that is harsh on decks in Clarksville, it's crucial to refinish the wood more regularly than you would need to in other environments.

In general, the deck sealing process protects both the stain and the timber, so be sure to reapply it about every two to three years. Cheap sealers don't last that long, so we make sure to use a long-lasting product.

It also depends on:

  • How much foot traffic your deck gets
  • How much abuse from the weather it takes
  • And what type of sealant was previously applied

You'll only need to restain the wood when the color fades. It may take three years or five for the color to fade, it all just depends.

Use a Quality Deck Stain and Sealant

Instead of using a cheap product and doing your deck sealing and staining every year, make sure you use a high-quality deck stain and sealant. There are deck stains and sealants you can get to protect the wood against drying and color fading from UV ray damage.

A high-quality product offers long-lasting and robust protection for your deck, so be sure to choose one when tackling the deck sealing and staining project.

Hire a Deck Sealing And Staining Service if Necessary

Refinishing a wooden deck is a challenging project for most people to handle themselves. If you're not up to it, call in our specialists or one in your area. Deck staining is not simple. It takes experience and skill to avoid creating a blotched or distorted appearance.

Don't hesitate to call our Clarksville deck sealing and staining specialists at Bobby's Pressure Washing for a free estimate if you need service! We'll take over the work for you and make sure the new stain looks impressive, and that your deck stays protected with a high-quality product that lasts.

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