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Tips On Finding A Reliable Pressure Washing Company

Reliable pressure washing company

Whether you're located in Clarksville or elsewhere, there's a lot to consider when trying to find a reliable pressure washing company. Feel free to read the following tips and advice from our pros at Bobby's Pressure Washing.

The first thing you'll want to realize about finding a reliable pressure washing company is how specialized the field can be. For instance, commercial pressure washing is quite a bit different than residential. A contractor needs to know:

  • All about protecting customer and employee safety while on the job
  • How to minimize disruptions to the business operations
  • How to perform specific tasks such as dumpster pad cleaning or getting the rust stains off the side of a brick building without damaging the masonry.

Look for a Licensed and Insured Pressure Washing Company

The first thing you'll want to find when looking for a pressure washing company is one who's licensed and insured.

While you may be able to get lower-priced estimates for the work you need them to do, you might be exposing yourself to the risk of a lawsuit should there be an injury on your property. It's just not worth the risk.

A Pressure Washing Company With The Right Equipment

The next thing to look for in a professional pressure washing company is whether they own the correct equipment to handle the job you need them to do.

For instance, commercial roof cleaning will require very long hoses or the company may need a self-contained system or containment pools because of County Storm Water Ordinances for environmental purposes which involve collecting the water and recycling it when pressure washing.

Be sure to ask plenty of questions about their equipment to be sure the company is well prepared to offer you the best practices while on the job. Otherwise, your business could get fined or be held liable.

Find A Pressure Washing Company Who Offers Little Perks Like Free Estimates

You probably already look for all different kinds of ways to save on expenses. Getting free perks can help cut down on property maintenance costs. Find out if they give free estimates, a senior citizen's discount, veteran's discount, or discounts for combining pressure washing services.

There's no shame in asking about any perks they may offer. Many professional pressure washing companies will offer freebies like this to help you save.

What You Don't Want In A Pressure Washing Company

In addition to the qualities above that you do want to find in a reliable pressure washing company, let's talk about what you don't want.

  • Little to no experience in the commercial pressure washing industry
  • A contractor who doesn't have the right equipment and tools for the job
  • A company who doesn't have the size of crew necessary to get the job done efficiently or safely
  • An unlicensed, uninsured contractor
  • Lousy customer service such as not answering the phone or never calling you back

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